Paul Davis – A Lummi Island Treasure

We all owe unlimited thanks to Paul Davis (LICA treasurer and Tome editor) and his trusty Brown Betty email alert service for so quickly sending out information, day in, day out — not just about the ferry but other island events, needs and alerts. People on both the island and mainland know that Paul’s the go-to person for rapid island communications. 

In Japan, people like Paul who use their extraordinary skills and energies to create and maintain traditional, highly-valued skills are officially designated as ‘National Treasures’.

In that spirit, I nominate Paul Davis to be our first designated ‘Lummi Island Treasure’ for using and adapting his skills and energies over many, many years to foster clear, accurate, civil, reliable and timely communications in the service of all things Lummi Island.

In these times when most ‘communications’ are no more than meaningless, pushy, hyper-excited or self-serving sound-bites, Paul’s dedication to providing honest island communications  to all is a model and a tradition for us to follow and preserve into the  future.

Paul D (but not Brown Betty)

PS If you do not yet receive Paul’s Brown Betty email service, you can join up by phoning Paul, asking him at a LICA meeting, or emailing him at  You will need to pay for your Tome subscription, though – Brown Betty only visits those who are paid up.

11 thoughts on “Paul Davis – A Lummi Island Treasure

  1. I think the picture is Paul mowing the large expanse of grassy meadow at the Heritage Trust center, not an easy job (at any age). When it comes to giving his time and energy to the Lummi Island community, in whatever way is needed, Paul is always there to lend a hand.
    The example he sets for all of us through his actions and dedication are nothing less than inspiring.
    Thank you Paul, you really are a treasure.

  2. I wholeheartedly second the nomination. I have know Paul since he moved full time to the island many years ago at the the young age of 48. I had never heard of anyone retiring that early. I had the honor of meeting him because he came in the Post Office looking for someone to help him move some things. In short order help was lined up. As I recall not much time expired before Paul replaced his father Lloyd as an active aid at Beach School. He has served the community for about 36 years. Paul has been invaluable to our community.

  3. I too agree that Paul is an Island ‘Jewel’ to be treasured
    Lehr Miller formed LICA in 1966 and was the first editor. He wrote in the first issue, “We are not a group of malcontents, do-gooders, reformers, hermits or promoters, nor was the Club [Assn] formed because we had an ax to grind or because we felt the community was beset with insurmountable problems that needed remedying. On the contrary, it was spawned by a group of Islanders who loved this island and had a real desire to retain as much as possible the charm and beauty existing while at the same time fully realizing that change and growth are inevitable.”
    Paul Davis followed in Lehrs footsteps, and has been doing just that for many, many years, and we hope for many more to come.
    Thanks Paul.

  4. I concur completely! In addition to Brown Betty, Paul is the sole compiler and typesetter for the TOME…and has been for many years. He gets it printed up and to the post office every month. Yep, you can hold him responsible for the funny inserts… he’s never taken the many jobs he performs too seriously. And how about his keeping the books for FOIL and LICA for years? Our Lummi Island Treasure, for sure!

  5. Paul is an absolute treasure. Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We need Paul,respect him,and the island would not be the same without him

  6. When I first moved to the Island and began getting familiar with community organizations and activities, it seemed like Paul was everywhere–and at the heart of everything. Now that I’ve lived here for awhile, I know that’s really the way it is. Paul does things with style, too. For example, we don’t just have a “community email list” we have “Brown Betty”, and the humorous backstory Paul weaves through it all.

    Thanks, Paul! You’re my hero. You’re understanding of community is inspiring.

  7. We too would like to add our thanks and appreciation to the service Paul provides to Lummi Island and all its residents. He is always helpful, kind, and considerate and his efforts through the TOME contribute immeasureably to what makes the Lummi community unique and special. We always looking forward to reading the news he and Brown Betty bring. Thank you Paul, you are a role model and a treasure.
    Beth Walukas and Ray Louis

  8. Ditto…Paul keeps us all in the loop. Many thanks, Paul, for your time, timeliness in getting “the word out”, and droll sense of humor. My hat is off to Brown Betty as well.

  9. Here’s to Paul. He has my vote for our Island treasure. Paul has an educated heart – one who always accomplishes jobs with an even hand and intelligent steadiness. I greatly admire him. This past year Paul has done done an admirable job of keeping us informed. Maybe we should consider giving Brown Betty a year of free hay.
    You are amazing, Paul. Please continue to help the rest of us.
    Jan Bonaparte

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