Attend Tuesday Council Hearing on Lease

There is no real chance of the Council’s hearing on the lease being changed to a post dry-dock date.

Enough of our elected Council representatives are waffling that there’s a real chance the 35 years lease will be disapproved. This would leave us in an even more unstable situation than we’ve been in the last two years.  Some islanders are ok with that; others are not.

It is time for every islander to speak up and be heard on this issue. Please call or email the County Council with your opinion.  Here’s their contact information. Be respectful,  brief  and simple in your request.  And please, if you can, attend — and speak up at –the County Council meeting this coming Tuesday evening, in Bellingham, 7:00 PM at the Council chambers.   Many of us already have car pool plans, and the PLIC Board will set up a ride share sign-up sheet at the Islander today.

This is it.

One thought on “Attend Tuesday Council Hearing on Lease

  1. Listen County Council; if any of you have been on Lummi Island, you know what a treasure it is to this county. If you have not been there, then go and see for yourselves. To change or eliminate access to it is uncaring for the residents and unbelievable. To change things over differences between the Lummi Nation, the county and the island is inane. Traffic between the mainland and Lummi has been a Godsend for the Lummi Nation, the island and the county for decades. Work together and make it last, that is why you have been elected and why you should serve.

    Bud Granger

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