Kremen Asks Islanders for “Preferences”

Update:  Click on this POLL to vote for your preference, if you have one.

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>From: Pete Kremen <>
>Sent: Sep 7, 2011 7:33 AM
>Cc:, Daniel Gibson <>, Frank Abart <>,,,
>Subject: Fwd: Paid Parking Option
>Please see the attached email from Nancy Ging.
>Would you be willing to conduct a quick survey ASAP to determine what the preferences are from Lummi Islanders regarding the alternatives for dry dock parking arrangements.  I guess the pressing question is:  Which is most preferred, utilizing the private lot, ($20 per vehicle/week paid by user) about a mile from the landing with County shuttle provided at a cost of about $12,000.  Or utilizing the Ferndale WTA Park & Ride with shuttle provided by the County at a County cost of about $15,000.
>I would appreciate any assistance you are able to provide.

7 thoughts on “Kremen Asks Islanders for “Preferences”

  1. While I thank the County Executive and Barbara Brenner for their efforts to provide more parking and to include Islanders in the decision making process I worry that an important part of the parking problem is not being addressed. The most difficult challenge is presented to those people who arrive very late in the evening. I am assuming that whatever shuttle service is provided, it will not run so as to provide connection with all passenger ferry runs. To help these late passengers other users would need to use the remote parking and leave spaces in the Gooseberry area open. I believe that many Islanders would do this if they understood that it was necessary. I believe that one of the reasons that the parking situation is not even more difficult is that many people have made other arrangements for their transportation requirements and are not taking up what parking is available.

    • I agree, Bill. And that’s why it’s not too late, in my opinion. There are people right now who are going to have trouble getting home every evening.

      I’m also thinking ahead to future years. I’d like to see us use an option that can be built on next year and become an ongoing solution. It seems to me that WTA offers more long-term stability.

  2. Waaay too little too late, Pete. But thanks just the same. I expect commuters are too busy scrambling right now to find a personal solution to this mess to have the time to help the County do the job that should have been done–weeks? months?–ago. I am able to hunker down and wait out the next three weeks–my sympathies to those who must get to mainland regularly.

  3. Thanks, Pete, for letting us give feedback before any expenditures are made.Given the amount of money involved, it’s prudent to make sure people will use an option before committing to it. My thoughts: Personally, I think the paid parking lot is not secure. While the WTA Park & Ride is out of the way, it’s secure, it’s on the bus routes, and it’s right by I-5, which makes it pretty accessible to anywhere.

    My daughter would use the WTA option. For her, it’s close to being on the way to work.

  4. Having just sat through the Ferry Task Force’s review of the ferry financials, both $12,000 and $15,000 sound too pricey for me.

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