Dry Dock Photos, Movies and Stories

OK,i t’s time to start taking pictures and movies of dry dock experiences. Cell phones photos are fine.

Email them to the Ferry Forum, to the County Council, Exec AND all candidates for Council and Executive offices, news outlets (including Jared Paben at the B’ham Herald and KGMI), facebook (lummi island friends), etc. Maybe even the LIBC, in the respectful spirit of ‘good neighbors.’

Show, don’t tell. Pictures are more potent than words.

And we need to lobby hard for an on-going county ferry advisory committee ASAP with real clout who are dedicated to intelligent problem-solving (not political bickering or ‘agenda’-mongering) to foresee, evaluate and prevent (or minimize) problems like this. Like the Ferry Task Force.

Sincerely good intentions, empathy and “A for effort” aren’t the same as problems prevented or resolved.

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