POLL! Dry Dock Parking Preference

POLL IS CLOSED – Kremen said he’s got enough information to move forward.

FINAL RESULTS from Paul Davis’ email poll and this one are at the bottom of the post.

This seems as good a time as any to try a first very very very overly simple-minded opinion poll on the Ferry Forum, based on Pete Kremen’s request for input  about preferences for possible additional parking.

The poll is at the end of this post No claim will be made that the results are ‘the voice of the island’.   That would be utter nonsense, unless we got around 600+ votes and we could verify that that all voters were ferry users — which is impossible with this poll.  The main advantage of the poll is that it may save Paul and others the work of trying to field, record and summarize a barrage of emails, calls, etc.

The poll is set up for:

  • one person, one vote — no double voting!
  • immediate display of results — To view results, click View Results at the bottom of the poll.   (At the bottom of the Results box, you’ll see more options to click on, including the chance to comment; comments will of course be moderated,)
  • To share the poll with others (facebook, email, etc), click on Share This at the bottom of the poll.

There are several unknowns about the two off-site options, including

  • What would be the hours of van service to each off-Gooseberry site?
  • Who pays the $12,000 or $15,000?
    • split 55 (ferry fares/ferry fund) -45% (unincorporated country property taxes) like other ferry operating expenses?
    • 100% funded from the ferry fund/ferry fares?
    • WTA?
    • Other funding? If so, what?

Online poll results (37 respondents)

Email from Paul Davis (LICA; Tome; Brown Betty) to Pete Kremen, August 8, 2011 ===

Pete, here are the results of the Park and ride survey you requested.  
I sent the survey questions out yesterday morning to over 400 e-mail addresses
and received 80 responses by 9 o’clock this
morning.  I could wait for possible a few more, but this is probably the bulk of all 
I would ever get, and I know you are anxious to make a decision and get something going.

I did not leave a car on the mainland, so I have no bias or opinion.

Private RV Park with $20 per week rent:  45 responses  or   56%

Ferndale WTA Park & Ride:   33 responses   or   41%

Neither:   2 responses   or   2.5%

Paul Davis, Editor;   Paul Revere, Horse Rider;   and Brown Betty, Horse
The Tome of Lummi Island
Lummi Island Community Association (LICA)
P.O. Box 163, Lummi Island, WA  98262

One thought on “POLL! Dry Dock Parking Preference

  1. How about the old Casino Parking lot just across the road from the Stommish grounds. It is just next to the road to the Tribal School, the speed reader and less than a mile from the dock..

    The lot will hold at least one hundred cars, is well lit and renovated two years ago for the “Paddle to Lummi” Celebration. Our tribal contacts say that no one from the County has ever ask then if it could be used.

    This would be an easy shuttle ride to the Ferry.

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