Garbage, Recycling and (alt) Parking during Dry Dock

From a Brown Betty email today:

(1) Communications from Barbara Brenner indicate that Public Works has a backup plan for Park/Shuttle if the Lummi Nation free parking lot does not develop as promised.

(2) Garbage and recycle during Dry Dock.

Paul Davis, Editor; Paul Revere, Horse Rider; and Brown Betty, Horse
The Tome of Lummi Island
Lummi Island Community Association (LICA)
P.O. Box 163, Lummi Island, WA 98262


(1) From Barbara Brenner

I contacted the public works director, Frank Abart to find out the latest on the Lummi offer to provide shuttle service at Gooseberry Point. He said they have not heard any more and assume the Lummi Nation will provide the service. However, he says they have a WTA shuttle as backup if

necessary that will go to the Ferndale Park and Ride if the Lummi proposal does not work out.

I hope this drydock turns out to be very uneventful in a good way.

Sorry for any confusion. Regarding the parking proposed by the Lummi Nation, according to Frank Abart, they have not received any confirmation yet. That was why I mentioned that public works has an alternative if necessary.

Barbara Brenner


(2)  From Paul  Davis:  I talked to Sanitary Service this morning. Their plan is to pick up garbage on the regular schedule during Dry Dock, but there will be no recycle pickup until the next regularly scheduled pickup after the ferry comes back. If all goes well with the ferry maintenance, that will be October 3.

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