Dry Dock Info from Public Works 9-1-2011

Frank Abart sent out details about what will happen on Day 1 of this year’s dry dock (Wednesday, Sept. 7), as well as  other information.  This notice includes  links to the Whatcom County ferry website, which has crucial information like the van schedule, passenger ferry schedule and the parking map for 2011 (just what the County will provide).

The Lummi Nation has not yet provided information to Public Works or the County about the additional parking the LIBC indicated it would provide (see letter from Pete Kremen).  Frank said that he will send out any information he gets as soon as it lands on his desk.

County government offices are officially closed today, Friday, Sept. 2, and won’t open again until Tuesday, Sept. 6.

One thought on “Dry Dock Info from Public Works 9-1-2011

  1. 3:40pm on Friday, 9/2: It appears both the County Executive and Public Works have left early for the long weekend, since no one is answering phones at either location. It usually takes several days for people to get their cars to the mainland in preparation for drydock, but the County won’t be back at work until Tuesday–the day before drydock. By the time they get into their offices and figure out whether the Lummis plan to come through with the promised parking, and then get the word out to us, there will be less than a day for us to get our cars in place before the last vehicle ferry trip.

    In the hopes that someone from the County reads this, WHERE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO PARK OUR CARS?

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