Alternative Dry Dock Parking

This is the latest update from dear ole Brown Betty (what would we do without her) ……

We still have no confirmation from the Lummis that they will open the larger parking lot at Gooseberry for dry dock parking.  BUT – The owners of the RV Park on Haxton Way will rent a reserved parking place for $20/Week.  WTA bus stops at the RV Park.  Also if the Lummis do not come through with their parking lot, the County will provide a shuttle from the ferry dock to the RV Park.

Thanks to David Wing who has been researching this, and he has received the communication (below his note below) from the RV Park people explaining all this.

We are still hoping that Public Works will have something for us eventually about Parking at the Lummi lot at Gooseberry

Paul Davis, Editor;   Paul Revere, Horse Rider;   and Brown Betty, Horse
The Tome of Lummi Island
Lummi Island Community Association (LICA)
P.O. Box 163, Lummi Island, WA  98262
and thank you Dave Wing…….

This is in regards to the parking that I’ve been working on.  I’ve been in contact with Frank Abart this morning and he confirmed that there had been no correspondence back from the Lummi Nation regarding the free parking offer.  Should there be no additional parking provided by the Lummi’s, the County will provide a shuttle service to the RV Park on Haxton Way.

The parking at the Eagle Haven RV Park will be available, regardless of whether or not the Lummi’s provide the free parking, for those who want a guaranteed parking place.  The WTA does stop right in front of the RV Park and a schedule could be obtained online or is posted at the bus stops.

Carlene Williams (at the RV Park) is handling everything for her mother Sheri.  People should try the 305-6152 number first to inquire and make a reservation.  (See two numbers below)

Dave Wing

——-Original Message——-

Date: 9/2/2011 11:48:35 AM
Subject: RV Park Parking
Eagles Haven RV Park
2924 Haxton Way
Bellingham, WA 98226

(360) 305-6152              (360) 410-1703

We would like to offer car/truck parking space for $20.00 US a week, till Sept 30, 2011.  There is a bus stop on Haxton Way, in front of our rv park.   We are not responsible for loss or damage to the vehicle, & please don’t leave any valuables in you vehicle.
Thank you.

Sheri Williams
Carlene Williams

One thought on “Alternative Dry Dock Parking

  1. As of Sat. morning, about 30 cars are parked outside the fenced parking area, and filling up fast. There are still a couple of boat trailers there too, and no signage of any kind.
    If anyone gets towed, post it here, and we will all be at your side in when you present your towing bill to the county. They can haggle with LIBC, or just deduct it from the monthly payment of $16,666 per month.
    That’s about 64 tows.

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