Great News on Dry Dock Parking

Paul Davis and his trusty horse brought us this good news today………. 

date Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 12:34 PM
subject c Brown Betty: Breaking news – Dry Dock Parking

All other rumors aside, here is the latest news directly from County Executive, Pete Kremen. Mr.Kremen has verbal agreement from the LummiNation that the usual parking area at Gooseberry Point will be available free of charge, courtesy of Lummi Nation. He is expecting a formal letter from Lummi Nation confirming this hopefully by Monday. Public Works will issue a new parking area map confirming all this, and the parking areas will be the same as in previous years.

All park & shuttle ideas are probably cancelled.

While this is very good news, especially for commuters, you will remember that under “normal” conditions, dry dock parking at Gooseberry has been very tight and will be so this time – EVEN WITH THE EXPANDED PARKING AREA. Please be a good neighbor and do not leave cars over there unnecessarily. Do not leave a car for each member of your family if here is any other way. Car pooling and ride sharing are still a good ideas. Remember – if you park a car over there, you may be using the space needed by someone who has to work for a living, or who needs regular medicalservice or other vital reasons.

Remember that the parking lot is Lummi Nation property and we will be parking there as their guests and under their rules, whatever they may be.

Watch Brown Betty for formal confirmation and more details probably by Monday.

Paul Davis, Editor; Paul Revere, Horse Rider; and Brown Betty, Horse
The Tome of Lummi Island
Lummi Island Community Association (LICA)
P.O. Box 163, Lummi Island, WA 98262


2 thoughts on “Great News on Dry Dock Parking

  1. Wasn’t there a movie about the Ferry – The Perils of Pauline
    I think she was tied across the loading ramp, with a 25 ton concrete truck boring down on her.
    Or was it a train? I can’t remember, but it sure was exciting.

  2. Barbara Brenner forwarded the following to us:

    Email Correspondence from County Executive Pete Kremen to the Council Members
    Regarding dry dock parking
    »> On 8/26/2011 at 12:55 PM, Pete Kremen wrote:
    Dear Council Members:
    I spoke with Diana Bob, lummi Tribal attorney this morning regarding the
    parking situation during drydock for Lummi Island ferry riders. Diana
    relayed to me that the Lummi Nation has decided that they will provide
    parking to ferry passengers at the usual place, free of charge during
    drydock. Diana said she will be confirming this in writing to me soon, but I
    wanted you to know that it appears that we have an acceptable outcome to this
    Diana told me that the Lummis will be putting up signs at the parking lot
    that state the lot is owned by Lummi Nation and that the parking is free
    during dry dock, along with some rules regarding usage such as length of stay
    that will be allowed.
    I will send you the written confirmation when we receive it.
    Pete Kremen

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