County on Dry Dock Parking; Maybe Paid Parking from Lummis?

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>From: Lummi_Island_Ferry Lummi_Island_Ferry <>
>Sent: Aug 12, 2011 12:03 PM
>To: Pete Kremen <>
>Subject: Dry Dock Parking Concerns

>Greetings from the Public Works Department.

As many of you are aware, we have previously reported a reduction in the usual number of parking spaces available during the annual dry dock activity.  The Department staff have been evaluating some options and the costs associated with those options.  Thank you to the many individuals on the Island who have provided constructive ideas and a special thanks to WTA for helping us to iron out the logistics and other details on very short notice.
>At the time of this communication, a final decision has not been made regarding alternative options but a decision is expected in the next week.  None of the alternatives are cost-free and convenient for all users.
>In addition, we have been advised that the Lummi Nation intends to operate a commercial parking lot to assist in meeting the parking demands during dry dock, which should help to reduce the concerns expressed by people using the Ferry.  This is not a joint project with Whatcom County but rather an independent action on the part of the Lummi Nation.  As such, all details will be provided by the Lummi Nation as they move forward with this project.
>Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as the Department works through yet another unanticipated cost related to the Ferry Operations.  The Public Works Department would like to wish everyone a safe and cheerful “rest of the summer”.
>Thank you,
>The Ferry Department

5 thoughts on “County on Dry Dock Parking; Maybe Paid Parking from Lummis?

  1. Quelle surprise! There will be ample parking for Islanders who will pay the Lummi Nation for the privilege – that is pay again, above and beyond the increase in ferry fares. I expect there will be less than enthusiastic participation from Islanders, maybe even a boycott. What better way to get people to cooperate and share – make them really mad!? Extract all that is possible and then dig a little deeper. I wonder if the county is paying for the resurfacing of the parking areas as part of the “road improvements” included in the ferry agreement. “Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as the Department works through (passes on) yet another unanticipated (bungled) cost related to the Ferry Operations.” Oh gee, you’re welcome.

    • The Lummis are simply exerting their federally, state and county constitutionally and treaty-protected Private Property Rights to do whatever they doggone want with their property. This is consistent with the view of property rights held by many in Whatcom County. We should respect the Lummis for showing that they are as good capitalist$ and free marketeer$ as the rest of us. No different from any of the other possible property owners mentioned by PW who might allow for paid dry dock parking.

      Free-market consequences should proceed apace. Historically there’s been a quid pro quo arrangement in which road or other work on the Lummi Nation was performed by the County in lieu of cash exchange for 2-3 weeks dry dock parking (this fact was stated at the last Tuesday, Aug. 9, Council meeting). Now there’s no pro quo, so … no quid. Principles of the ‘free’ 😉 market dictate that Public Works should bill the Lummi Nation for every service previously exchanged for dry dock parking. Very straightforward and payments can go right into the much-strapped Road Fund.

  2. Here’s a copy of an email I sent to Frank Abart and copied to Council, Pete, and this ferry forum:

    Hello, Frank–

    Thanks for following up on finding drydock parking alternatives. It’s very much appreciated. Any chance Public Works could let us in on the parking possibilities being considered so we can have a chance to give some constructive feedback about what might or might not work? Islanders know the consequences better than anyone, and I can assure you we are as cost conscious as the County about anything ferry related.

    For $200,000 per year and millions more, wouldn’t you think the LIBC would give us validated parking for three weeks? Guess not…

    Nancy Ging
    Lummi Island

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