County Council Introduces Proposed Lease Agreement with Lummi Nation (AB2011-238)

From “County Action Taken” for last Tuesday night’s Council meeting (2011-08-09), our council representatives voted 7-0 to introduce AB2011-238:

  1. Intergovernmental framework agreement, Uplands lease agreement, and Tidelands lease agreement for Lummi Island Ferry usage at Gooseberry Point (AB2011-238) (hearing to be scheduled) Introduced 7-0

NOTE:  The cover sheet to AB2011-238 in “Action Taken” incorrectly shows a July 5 date.  However,  AB2011-238 as introduced on August 9 (with wrong cover sheet) is the revised version, not the first draft from back in July.

The next formal steps:  a) comment period (written comments to Council) and public hearing at an open council meeting. b) Vote by Council, to pass it or not.

A public hearing has  not been scheduled yet, though Council had intended to hold it on September 13, 2011.  It still could happen on September 13, 2011 (~3 weeks), which means a short period for public comments.

If someone has Acrobat ProTM and wants to take the time, it’s probably  feasible to put this and previous versions into editable and therefore easily compared versions of Word or other word processing format.  If anyone does this, it would be great to share both the editable and compared versions with everyone.  Even some county council members should be interested, maybe even candidates for the upcoming county council and executive elections.

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