WTA Van Pool Program: Dry Dock or Beyond?

Hearing that a ‘van pool’ is available via our property-tax supported Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA), I searched for “wta van pool” and came up with this link to the program.

Islanders who commute or travel frequently to some location and know of others who go to ~the same location at ~the same time could ask WTA if a vanpool could be arranged.

I’ve heard that the van has to be parked in a private driveway overnight — that would be a cinch for non-dry dock commuting. Even for dry dock, perhaps you’ve friends or family on Gooseberry who’d be willing to help out with overnight parking.

Anyone interested can use the Comments section below or Paul Davis’ Brown Betty email service (for paid Tome subscribers) to share what you know or contact information to help coordinate people interested in putting together a request.

If you’ve other ideas for handling dry dock parking ‘challenges’ during dry dock that islanders could organize or develop, please email the Forum Editorsan article laying out your idea, and we will post it.

2 thoughts on “WTA Van Pool Program: Dry Dock or Beyond?

  1. How is a person commuting to work everyday suppose to find a place to park on Gooseberry Point during dry dock? Am I the only one concerned that the County Public Works Department is totally silent or ineffectual in securing needed parking? It seems like same song different verse. Islanders have to try and fend for themselves and enable the County who should be providing the necessary level of service that our taxes are going towards. If we only had a collective voice on the island that could address our concerns and make the county accountable to island needs.

  2. So many things are changing so rapidly, it’s hard to deal with – at least for me.

    I heard at the Council meeting last week that the Lummis simply decided to finally (as they’ve wished for years) exert their property rights and not lease to the county. In the past, there was quid pro quo from the County (things like roadside clearing) rather, I believe, a $$ payment. Guess the Lummis chose to use their property other ways this year. That is their right, even if it is a real problem for thee and me. Given how demanding the tribe has been with lease negotiations, including its very high price tag. this situation isn’t surprising.

    I do wish that the County would take the time to explain the situation clearly to the public, rather than saying, “Oh by the way, you’ll have 1/3 fewer parking places this year” a month before dry dock. That would cost nothing and save a lot of bad feelings, which no one needs more of these days.

    Our property taxes (toward road fund) are already fully dedicated by PW to things like (a) keeping island and other unincorporated county roads and bridges repaired, striped, etc. and (b) spending 45% of ferry operating expenses, which the Task Force work (see their final report, mostly appendices) showed are NOT incorrectly calculated, assigned or misused.

    That’s why I think islanders DO need to work together to find some of our own solutions. Complaining among ourselves or to County officials (council, exec, PW) or the Lummis won’t solve the problems.

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