Final Ferry Task Force Report

The Whatcom County Council has posted the Ferry Task Force’s final report. (Feb. 10, 2012 update:  The document is no longer available on the Council’s site. Thank goodness it’s also located & retrievable  — and always will be — on the Ferry Documents site. Use the link in the next paragraph.) The report  includes overview, recommendations and supporting definitions, data and related background information. It’s amazing what they’ve accomplished on-time, no budget.  Outstanding quality in content and process, complete transparency.

The Ferry Task Force’s report is a very large pdf file (nearly 4Mb), and the County site is often slow to download such large files. You can read or download the report on the faster-loading Whatcom Count Ferry Documents Archive  (click here for direct access).

We still hope to to post the final report in smaller, more manageable chunks in the next few days on the Ferry Documents site. A notebook with the complete report is available at the Island Library.

The Task Force will give a one hour summary of the report at Council Chambers to the Council Committee of the Whole on Tuesday, August 9, 12:30 to 1:30 PM, including answering initial questions that Councilors may have.  The meeting is open to the public.

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