Ferry Task Force Recommendations at PLIC Meeting

Tomorrow night, at PLIC’s meeting tomorrow, Thursday, August 4, 2011 (6:30 PM at the Grange), Diane Harper will summarize the Ferry Task Force’s recommendations, which have been submitted in writing to the County Council with a presentation to the Committee of the Whole next week (August 9, County Council Chambers, 12:30-1:30 PM; PLIC’s website dates are outdated).  Both meetings are open to the public.

(Note: The full draft report is being electronically processed and will be posted as soon as possible; a copy of the report should be at the Island Library tomorrow.)

Here is Diane’s (public record) email about what to expect, including the Task Force’s agreement to unanimously support the entire package of recommendations even though no one on the Task Force agrees with everything — they voted unanimously last week (July 25, 2011) to  support the entire package.

Sent: 8/3/2011 11:35:02 AM
Subject: PLIC meeting Thursday evening
Hi all,
PLIC is meeting Thursday evening at the Grange at 6:30 p.m.   Since we didn’t have a chance to present our final set of recommendaitons to the community on July 25th as we had planned, I’ve agreed to go over the recommendations with this group on Thursday.  It is an opportunity to garner some community support before the council meeting.  I would appreciate others being there so I can duck out early to a prior engagement.
My game plan is not a special presentation, but simply put the table of recommendations up on the screen and walk through them.  As we all pledged, it’s a straight promotion of all of them without side opinions.  I will start with Section D fares, then Section A cost-cutting and revenue increases, then section B policies, and then Section C accounting.
In my opinion,  our main on-island message has to be:  “Every Task Force member agreed to support the recommendations as a whole – even though we did not all agree on every one of them.  And we ask the same of the island community – we really would appreciate solid support of the whole body of recommendations, even though there will be things that individuals find objectionable.”  Does anyone have other thoughts on what our main on-island message should be?

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