Ferry Task Force Finale

Last Monday night, the Ferry Task Force held its last meeting.  A photo slideshow is at the end of this post.

They handed in their written report to the County on Tuesday (Aug. 2).   The photos below show what the last meeting looked like (the report will be posted electronically as soon as all the components are e-legible. There will be a copy at the Island Library on Thursday, Aug. 4, and the PLIC Board (which paid for part? of the printing) will soon have a copy, too.

But even though the task force charter has ended, these stalwarts’ their work still isn’t done:  They will summarize and answer questions about their report at the County Council Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at the County Council chambers.  Decisions about what to do is then, as always, up to the County Council based perhaps partly on additional input the Council receives from citizens. The Task Force’s role, as is true for all citizen commissions, entirely advisory.

All islanders, ferry users (and, frankly, the entire County) should throw the task force members a big party for their difficult, excellent, thoughtful, time-consuming, sometimes heated but consistently civil and on-time work.

(I’m no good at parties, but if anyone wants to take this on please let the Ferry Forum know the details- we’ll advertise the celebration. Not everything in the final report is sunny or agreeable to everyone, but the ideas are reasonable, well-researched, well-discussed and the entire process has been totally open to the public.)

Here are photos from the final Aug. 1 meeting. (hover your mouse over the photo for arrows to see more photos)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One thought on “Ferry Task Force Finale

  1. A BIG thank you to Steve & MIchelle Luke for use of their copier for signicant portions of the report (all 20 copies).

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