Update – Gooseberry Pt Lease 7/31/2011

I emailed Pete Kremen and the County Council for clarification on what’s going on, especially re: (whatever it was) that the LIBC approved.  It’s all very confusing.

Pete called and said that the County has requested several important changes to the lease that was published earlier in July and that the lease is not yet settled. He also said that he doesn’t know exactly what the LIBC approved (though Sam Crawford might know) and that the LIBC’s press release was issued unilaterally. From his perspective, Jared Paben’s Herald report was correct that County lawyer Dan Gibson is still working on details for a presumably revised agreement to be introduced to the Council on August 9.

Then, there will be about a month for additional citizen and government review before the Council’s next meeting and possible vote in September.

I haven’t heard anything yet from Sam Crawford or other Council members.  If anyone does, please share what you learn via a comment to this post so that we all can be as well informed as possible.

3 thoughts on “Update – Gooseberry Pt Lease 7/31/2011

  1. So what happened to the lease provision that the two parties NOT release press statements without giving the other a ‘heads up’ courtesy call.
    That lasted all of about 3 weeks!

  2. It makes one wonder how long the county can ‘kick this can down the road’. At present, the county is not paying anything (that has been announced) to the LIBC for the tidelands and the ferry has still been running. There are some who say that the county should not have to pay at all because the legal right of way is established and because the county already owns the land. What would happen if the county just did not sign a lease and did not make any more payments and kept running the ferry? The tribe has threatened to block the dock many times, but has always backed down. Why? Would the tribe eventually take the county to court? What would the verdict on that be?

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