County Introduction of Gooseberry Pt Agreement Moved to July 26

The introduction of the Gooseberry Pt agreement to the full County Council, previously scheduled for tonight (July 12), has been postponed until July 26.  The LIBC, which had also been scheduled to act on the agreement today, was unable to meet due to the funeral of a respected Lummi leader, Clayton Finkbonner.

Also, Pete Kremen asked Dan Gibson to submit a revision of Section 5 of the lease agreement to the Lummi Nation. The revision would establish a limit on the number of  free passages that members of the Lummi Nation could use annually, using a mechanism that also would allow accurate tracking of ridership, which is necessary for accounting and marine auditing purposes.

This delay provides everyone interested with more time to review the proposed agreement and lease contracts, and give feedback to the County Executive and Council about potential problems and concerns — or things you really like.

Given the language in the agreement that seeks to preclude any future direct public input or challenges to the lease once the Council and Executive approve it, this is our best and perhaps only chance to ‘have our say’ in a manner that might have an effect.

One thought on “County Introduction of Gooseberry Pt Agreement Moved to July 26

  1. A wise move to delay the introduction of the ordinance before trying to iron out this obvious error in the lease agreement.
    Giving free unlimited passage to about 6,000 people and their vehicles, without a way to control your own assets is not good public policy. Expecting 900 islanders to pay for it was a ‘deal breaker’ in my previous post.
    I hope the Lummi’s understand this and initial the change.

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