More Docs & Information from the Task Force

In an effort to be certain that you don’t miss anything that the Ferry Task Force (or individual members) put out, the following includes a power point presentation that Diane Harper presented to LICA on June 22nd, as well as her own personal comments on the Draft Fare Recommendations.  Also included is Jim Dickinson’s comprehensive presentation on Washington State ferries.

Remember, it’s not too late to respond to Ferry Task Force information (email:   Also, your comments here on the Ferry Forum are important to increasing awareness of how members of our community are feeling about these difficult decisions and compromises. 

comments from Diane:
…You may remember that I had volunteered to update the LICA monthly meeting on Task Force status.  We had about 30 people there, but I would say only 10-15 were new.  I’ve enclosed the powerpoint that I presented – with an emphatic introduction that I was speaking only for myself and not the Task Force. The Ferry Forum  may publish all or part of it.
Something surprising to me from last night was the discussion about a ferry taxing district. Someone asked for a vote on the taxing district, so I asked the group:  “Who would NOT protest to the Council if a taxing district were established?”  Almost everyone raised their hands – I think the result would have been quite different if I had asked who would promote it to the Council.  This was a group of mostly the most civic minded people on the island….the big concern of course is that the tax go to pay for the ferry and not just disappear into the road fund.


a note from Diane:
…I already have a couple of things that I am working on making better – so please note, this is a personal draft proposal that is still being developed and is intended just to get some concepts on the table before the next meeting.

DianeHarper’s Personal Comments on Fare Recommendations


Ferries:  A Comparative Analysis – intro from Jim Dickinson

Jim Dickinson’s Washington State Ferries Presentation

See more Ferry Task Force information and documents at:

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