Have your say NOW on draft Task Force recommendations

Friday, June 24 is the deadline for comments.

Do you have questions, thoughts, concerns and ideas (pros, cons, other ideas) for recommended changes to ferry operations, fares etc that you would like the Ferry Task Force to consider at their next meeting (and before they write their next pretty-much-final report)?

Send in your comments (in writing, so they can be fully considered) by this Friday, June 24, either by email (see contacts) or regular mail (or ask task force members where they’d like printed comments delivered).

Below is the information that was presented at last Monday’s meeting, which ~50 islanders attended. These recommendations have not been altered (except to clarify some language) from last Monday’s meeting.   Changes related to new information, including community input received by June 24, will be discussed at the next Task Force Meeting (Monday, June 27, 6-830 PM, the Grange).

Critical Financial Background Information about the Ferry Budget. As Diane Harper said in her opening remarks, these budget numbers along with County revenues being down by about 10% this year, have been key reasons for the Task Force’s draft recommendations to date.

List of community values reflected in 2010 ferry fares, and questions to consider in re-thinking fares.   The 2010 (pre $3 surcharge) fare schedule (categories and prices) implicitly reflect historical community values; changing the fare schedule could imply a change in those community values.

Draft cost-cutting and revenue-enhancing recommendations. This table includes draft cost-cutting and revenue-enhancing by recommendations by type, fiscal and other impacts, robustness of estimated financial effect of the change on revenues or operational costs.  At the meeting, this table was gone through line by line, with attendees having the chance to ask questions, make comments and offer opinions.

Draft recommendations (June 20) related to accounting procedures, customer service and capital.

Draft recommendation for changes to fares.  These are the proposed changes to fare structure (i..e., categories of fares) and the cost of each fare category.

Whatcom County Ferry District proposal  This provides information about  a recommended Ferry District, based on an increase in property taxes on all Lummi Island property.

Needs-Based Fares.  Draft recommendation for modifying current needs-based fares.

Other background documents, including those showing detailed accounting research, can be found either here on the Ferry Forum (click on topic shown in the right sidebar, or enter a Search term) or on the Whatcom County Ferry Documents site.

2 thoughts on “Have your say NOW on draft Task Force recommendations

  1. Ferry Task Members,
    CONGRATULATIONS on an excellent, excellent job. You put in many, many hours of hard work. Your presentation of facts and your recommendations are professional, clear and to the point. The process you employed is something of which we all can be proud!

    Whatever the County’s response to your report, you have done a huge service to the Lummi Island community. You have been a unifying influence; you have helped to clarify some very complex issues; and you have stimulated thoughtful, respectful discussions.

    I support the creation of an ongoing Ferry Advisory Committee and recommend that careful and full consideration be given to the suggestions made in the document entitled Whatcom County Ferry District which is posted at https://lummiislandferryforum.wordpress.com I would like to see us Islanders undertake a campaign to make the Advisory Committee a reality. Count me in!

    I attach my comments in response to the various documents posted on the Lummi Island Ferry Forum.
    Nancy Gale
    West Shore Drive

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