Task Force DRAFT cost-cutting / revenue ideas

Here’s a draft of ferry cost-cutting and revenue-generating options that the Task Force is considering recommending to the County Council (spreadsheet, MS Excel or OpenOfficeCalc).   PDF Version of recommendation-costs20110611-p-draft
At the June 13 Task force meeting (Grange, 6- ~830 PM), the focus will be on the cost-cutting measures since revenue and other issues have been discussed in previous meetings.

If you have input on any of these ideas, please attend the June 13 meeting or send comments to Kathy Berg (kathyberg@comcast.net).

2 thoughts on “Task Force DRAFT cost-cutting / revenue ideas

  1. Thanks very much to the Task Force for providing this draft. By letting us know what they are considering (not everyone can attend the meetings), they are directly facilitating meaningful participation by the community. I appreciate this very much.

    I think we all should keep in mind that these DRAFT ideas are *just possibilities*, not “done deals.” The final version of the task force recommendations won’t be written until after the June 20th Open House and all community input.

    For me, the value of seeing this draft now (incomplete as it is) is that it can help as many community members as possible get a clear notion of ‘the numbers”, which in turn allows us to provide thoughtful, informed input, pro and con.

    Perhaps, after reading this (incomplete) draft, some people will think of and submit modifications, implications or new specific ideas (by no later than June 20th) that the task force members may not have thought about yet.

    Please spread the word, especially to neighbors who aren’t web users.

  2. I just want to say that these are the most intelligent, well-considered cost saving proposals I think any of us could have possibly imagined. I have been repeatedly impressed by the skills, insight, effort, and creativity virtually every member of the Task Force has displayed throughout their work to date. They have taken an enormous job with a challenging (short) time frame and few resources, and are doing a remarkable and commendable job. I think that’s being clearly demonstrated again as they begin developing their final approach. They deserve our kudos and gratitude.

    When the Task Force presents their recommendations to Council in August, it is crucial that we Islanders stand united behind them. Sam Crawford has given us an indication of the kind of ‘quick and dirty’ cost-saving solutions Council might create if they begin devising ferry plans on the fly. We’ve seen Council act in this manner when they instituted the last fare increase, so we know how quickly and negatively that can work against us.

    Our most strategic approach, I think, is to ensure that we are fully united behind the final recommendations the Task Force proposes so that Council has no reason to begin editing.

    For that reason, I hope everyone will take the time to go over these cost-saving suggestions carefully. If you have objections, please direct them to the Task Force members as quickly as possible so they can be considered and addressed before final recommendations are prepared.

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