Finally! The Beginning of a Lease Agreement

The following is a joint press release, forwarded to us by Council member Barbara Brenner, regarding today’s ferry negotiations:

Here is the language of the joint press release that has been provided to the press regarding ferry negotiations.

After nearly two years of negotiations, the Lummi Nation and Whatcom County have reached agreement in concept that will allow Whatcom County to continue operating the Lummi Island Ferry from Gooseberry Point on the Lummi Indian Reservation for the next 35 years.

The new agreement will be comprised of three parts: an overall framework/agreement that describes how the Lummi Nation and Whatcom County will work collaboratively, a tideland lease, and a lease for the adjacent upland areas. Both the County Council and the Lummi Indian Business Council have provided consistent direction on the essential terms for an agreement. Once the contract language is finalized both councils will vote on the final contracts. Additional details will become available as the contract language is developed in concert by the parties.

The Lummi Island Ferry will continue to operate to Gooseberry Point on schedule.

Daniel L. Gibson
Asst. Chief Civil Deputy Prosecutor
Whatcom County
360.676.6692 (Public Works) or 360.676.6784 (Prosecutor’s Ofc.)

2 thoughts on “Finally! The Beginning of a Lease Agreement

    • My thoughts exactly, Wynne. The last conceptual agreement announcement was the first thing that came to my mind, too. Sounds like there’s a little more detail to the concept this time. I wonder if “adjacent uplands” will include parking area…

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