A Review of Traffic Accidents on Haxton

Bud Jewell researched the issue of traffic accidents on Haxton Way from January 2004 to January 2011.  In the attached report, he gives us detailed statistics that address the type of each accident during this period, including who was involved, who was charged, and where the accident occurred.  He has also included many excellent suggestions that could make a difference in traffic safety on Haxton Way. 

Click to read the full report:  TrafficAccidentsOn Haxton  

4 thoughts on “A Review of Traffic Accidents on Haxton

  1. Complements to Bud. That was informative and clear. The suggestions seemed perfectly sensible. And to think he did that all by himself without costing the government a penny!

  2. Haxton Way is unsafe by any standard and improvements, particularly left-turn refuge lanes and pedestrian amenities, should be a priority for both the County and the Tribe.

    There is no justifiable rationale for appending these costs to the ferry budget.

  3. Since writing this report I saw how the traffic engineers put rumble strips down the center line of the Mt Baker Highway. This would be more effective than the buttons I recommended as Item 7. Bud Jewell

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