Possible changes to ferry operations and fares — your thoughts?

Please send written input to Kathy Berg, secretary of the Ferry Task Force (kathyberg@comcast.net) by mid-day May 9, 2011

Total Ferry expenses:  What it costs to run the system
Total Ferry revenues:  Funds from multiple sources that pay ferry expenses to keep the system running

The Ferry Task Force is seeking input about some possible ways that we might better balance the budget of the Whatcom County Ferry System.  There are two major ways they may recommend to help balance the budget:  (1) change operations (to reduce expenses) and (2) change fares (to meet 55% fare box recovery while supporting community values)

Here’s the link to the questions that the Task Force has asked all community members to answer. Public discussion of these questions was a main focus of the first part of the May 2, 2011 meeting. (For an editable and printable version of the questions, click here.)

Answers to these questions will help inform the Task Force’s first draft of possible recommendations for changes to ferry operations and fares.  The public will be invited to provide feedback on draft recommendations, once those are completed.

3 thoughts on “Possible changes to ferry operations and fares — your thoughts?

    • Ho-hum, just a ferry shutdown in 5 days. Boooor-ing.

      No need for updates from the county, news articles from the Herald, contingency plans from public works, or attempts to alleviate our concerns by Pete or the council. It’s not like we will be stranded on an island or anything.

      Maybe they could schedule these planned shutdowns in advance;
      June 13 – Final warning
      July 18 – Final, final warning!
      August 23 – Closing for sure this time, I’m serious!
      September 29 – Ok, no more talking, I’m going on vacation.

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