BIA to Kremen: No 1988 Signature

Here’s a letter from the Acting Director of the BIA to Pete Kremen, dated March 17, 2011, saying ‘no’ to signing the 1988 lease at this time and giving reasons why. This letter is stored on  the Ferry Documents site, along with another 118 documents as of today, 2011-04-01 .

3 thoughts on “BIA to Kremen: No 1988 Signature

  1. Okay, so if it’s not a signed document, does that mean the county will get a refund back from the natives while they pretended it was a signed document? Does that mean we can go back to the way it was before there ever was a lease? Do we now really need a lease? Isn’t the dock owned by the county? The counties mistake was to offer the lease in the first place, wasn’t it? How convenient that the lease was not sent to the BIA. How convenient that now it’s invalid.

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