Dinner Details: Pies and Who’s Invited

Colleen Berg added the comment below on the post, “Lummi Dinner/Discussion Invitation to Islanders”  about bringing pies to the dinner on Monday evening.  In response to some confusion as to the appropriateness of bringing anything,  Colleen, who works for the Northwest Indian College, talked to many Lummi tribal members, as well as AJ Barse, Communications Director, who confirmed that “bringing pies was great, the tribe just doesn’t want people to feel obligated to bring anything.”

Colleen’s comment:
I have contacted the Lummi Council office to ask if we could bring pie to the dinner. There was a warm, “that would be very nice” response. So I would like to extend the invitation to everyone who will be attending the dinner and discussion to help “set the table.” I will be bringing two berry pies, and I understand that we can take them to the kitchen upon arrival.

Colleen’s confirmation:
My suggested invitation to bring pies to the Lummi Nation dinner/meeting on Monday evening still stands if you the desire. The Lummi Nation does not want anyone to feel obligated to do so. I would be happy to have you join me in this neighborly gesture. Also, the Lummi Nation Communications department says there will be tribal community members attending the meeting as well.
Colleen Berg.

Colleen confirmed that tribal members are invited:
Colleen’s call to AJ Barse, clarified that the invitation to attend Monday nights dinner was extended to the Lummi community, as well as Lummi islanders.  Mr. Barse said, “he suspects there will be plenty of Lummi tribal members at the meeting, although he did say that there were other meetings on the rez at the same time.”

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