Citizens Ferry Task Force Agenda 2011-03-21

Citizens’ Task Force for the Lummi Island Ferry

Meeting Monday, March 21, 2011

Grange on Lummi Island, 6 pm to 8:30 pm


Roll call

Approval of Minutes of 3/7 Meeting

Questions/Comments from Attendees


  • Please bring your personal calendars so we can establish who will be away during future meetings.
  • Discussion of moving the March 28th meeting.
  • Any Updates from Task Force Members.

Work Session:   Revenues and Funding Sources:  Kathy and Jim

  • potential and current revenue sources
  • applicable state revenues
  • similar ferry operations and their cost structures

Questions/Comments from Attendees

One thought on “Citizens Ferry Task Force Agenda 2011-03-21

  1. Might be worth exploring whether the Tribe is eligible for better funding for running the ferry than the County. Judging from events over the last year and a quarter, it’s actually difficult to decide who wants the ferry least.

    Whether the Tribe would like to run it might be a good topic for that dinner conversation.

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