Amazing Searchable All-Ferry Document Database is live!

Really great news! Nancy Ging’s new simple, easy to use and very searchable database for all ferry documents is now online. You can try it by going to

Please read the instructions on the main page, then try out a search.

Right now only a few documents are on the database (inputting everything will take time) but Nancy, Ferry Task Force members, the Ferry Forum editors and PLIC’s Mike McKenzie have already started storing documents there.  You’ll see that anyone can submit documents to the database (such submissions will be moderated for redundancy, etc., essential to maintain the integrity of the database.)

We can’t thank Nancy enough for using her most excellent web skills to put this together. The database will provide a comprehensive and universal place for storing documents related to the ferry.

No matter where our physical ferry goes in the future, at least we’ll have a reliable online source for finding and sharing documents we need to become — and remain — well informed about ferry issues.

I never say anything is ‘awesome’ and dislike exclamation points but … this database is awesome! Check it out!

5 thoughts on “Amazing Searchable All-Ferry Document Database is live!

  1. At 5:50am on 3/17/11, just off the ferry and starting up the hill…a man on the side of the road yelled at me, flipped me off with two fingers and started to throw something at my truck. It was a most unpleasant way to start my day. When I mentioned it to another islander, they told me that the day before, a small pickup with a canopy went by 2 school buses with their red lights on…and zipped onto the ferry. This is just unacceptable and the disregard of safety by one person coming onto the island creates potential danger for all.

    • If the pickup story is true, it’s of course dreadful. Curiously I heard the same pickup story from a very different (LN) source, with the added bit that a (LN) police car was present and saw this happen (but apparently did nothing? not even get the license plate?).

      Until we hear from an eye witness (islander; Lummi) willing to publicly give their name to the report, it’s a rumor not a fact — and a potentially very inflammatory rumor or worse.

  2. On March 17th at 6:10am driving off the ferry on Gooseberry Point, in the dark, I did see a man standing on the ferry dock, by the little covered sitting area and he flipped off the first truck (1 car ahead of me) driving off the ferry and yelled something at him. As I drove off of the dock I did see a LN police car parked and the officer walking towards the dock.

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