Seattle Times Story on Ferry Issues

The story of our ferry problems is finally reaching beyond local participants.  In addition to the wave of letters and petitions to our Congressional delegates, the Seattle Times published a long article in yesterdays paper. Click on the link below the read their story:

2 thoughts on “Seattle Times Story on Ferry Issues

  1. I read the Seattle Times article and then made the mistake of reading the on line comments. I am so depressed over this whole thing. My heart is breaking over the amount of hate and recisim I see in the comments to press articles. I feel so trapped in an impossible situation. I am trying to do what I can to help save access to my home and Jim’s job. I am frightened, frustrated, and just very very sad. I know this is probably not the place to share this and it is OK not to post this…I just am tired and wanting to roll over and make this nightmare go away.
    Gotta go walk the ferry line and try to get more petition signatures. Not sure what else to do. It feels so utteryl sad and hopeless.

    Mary Ross

  2. I wish the petition made more sense, but here’s what you do: Make sure everyone in your email list gets the link and beg them to send it on to their. Tell them you need their help. It works. And you do.

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