More on Petitioning- Now is the Time!

Mike McKenzie, Jeff Campbell, and many island volunteers and residents are tirelessly working to engage as many people as possible in the push to flood our Congressional delegation with requests for their support.   They have this update….

To assist a show of solidarity, will you please use these petitions to help garner support from the Washington state Congressional delegation to resolve the ferry dispute.

1. Attached is a petition you can print. Please sign it, and carry it with you to have available for family, friends, co-workers (or anyone you come across) to sign in support of your Island transportation needs.      Petition-to-WA-Congressional-Delegation

If you have a little time that you can lend to an Island volunteer work force and help circulate this petition, please contact Jeff —

2. Here is a link to an on-line petition:

It has been thoroughly vetted for privacy. It contains an option to omit your name when it appears on line, and neither your address nor email address (required for the petition to be recognized by the delegates who receive it) appears on line. On the site, once you’ve signed it, you can post it to your Facebook, Twitter, or email it to anyone.

This spreads word, and rallies support from your connections across the country and worldwide, involving anyone who has visited you, or plans to, or has enjoyed Lummi Island for vacation, dining, bicycling, walking, hiking, fishing, sailing, birdwatching, art-walking, et al, or anyone who simply can relate to a community in need of its vital transportation link to health, safety, livelihood, school, and general well-being.

Island volunteers circulated the printed version and collected more than 300 signatures over the weekend. Again, when you can spare the time, join the effort. (

The on-line version went live last night, and by this morning it had 90 signatures from 13 states, a state union (Serbia & Montenegro), a commonwealth (Bahamas), a federation (Canada), republic (India), and a federal republic (Germany). The goal is 5,000 signatures, quickly.

Thanks for helping.

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