PLIC: Action & Updates/Task Force News

From: <>Date: Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 7:07 PM
Subject: Volunteer request for petition drive and Task Force news

The PLIC Board, after several planning sessions, moved today toward a petition-to-Congress community action. Jeff Campbell and Mary Ross head the volunteer force, coordinating with Board members Dave Wing and Joan Moye. Many thanks to Jeff and Mary who have primarily designed the plan of action, and issued the attached request for help.

Also, attached you will find the petition. Please print it and gather signatures from relatives, co-workers, other friends and acqaintances — anyone willing to support asking Congressional legislators (either in Washington, or other states) to intervene and resolve our ferry crisis.

A third attachment is an informational flyer you can print to give your contacts to educate them on the issues.

Today, PLIC Board sent a thank-you letter to Senators Cantwell and Murray and U.S. Representative Larsen for their joint letter to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, in response to a plethora of letters from constituents and from Whatcom County Executive Pete Kremen. Many islanders reported receiving a constituent reply letter from Rep. Larsen.

* * *

Diane Harper has done a superb job as a member of the Peoples Task Force for the Lummi Island Ferry in reproducing reports researched and submitted by the Task Force. She has placed them all in the Island Library.

All are posted on the Lummi Island Ferry Forum, and we are posting them to under the link to the Task Force documents on the left side of the site.

Today, for example, Diane sent a history of the ferry, a ridership report for 2010, and a comparison of ferry fares around the state and nation.

The Task Force has had productive sessions with guests from the ferry crew and with county officials, as well as “working” meetings to review assigned reports. They meet on the island the 1st and 2nd Monday of the month, and off island the 4th Monday. Next session is Monday, March 7, 6 p.m. at The Grange.

* * *

The Government Relations subcommittee of the PLIC Board is arranging face-to-face and/or direct telephone conversations with the our Congressional delegation — either individually, when available, or with aides directly involved with the ferry issue — over the next week.

* * *

The Island and ferry situation have garnered media attention from a couple of television stations in Seattle, from local print publications (the Herald, of course, plus Cascadia Weekly), and from the Seattle Times which has been following developments closely the last several months. A volunteer has sent materials to personal contacts at CNN and 60 Minutes. PLIC Board communications subcommittee is reaching out to specific contacts at several other mainstream media news outlets (e.g., Washington Post, NY Times, Time Magazine, FOX News, ABC-TV, NBC-TV, CBS-TV, National Public Radio, USA Today, Public Television in Washington state, and the Associated Press in NY headquarters and in Phoenix regional bureau).

We are providing them with a ferry history, a time line of the current situation, articles and videos, links to stories, documents such as our letters to Congress and those you find attached here, and offering interviews with islanders if desired. The story line is directed at the human-interest angle of a vibrant island community where safety, health, and welfare are threatened by the possibility of being cut off from viable, safe transportation to the mainland and day-to-day services and necessities.

Some outstanding useful statistics have surfaced in support of the story line: 2010 census figures showing the full-time population at close to 1,000, and a ridership 2010 report by the Task Force showing almost 181,000 round-trip travelers served by the Whatcom Chief.

* * *

Please help with the petition campaign as you can. (We’re also working out posting an on-line petition, and will notify you when the link is live.) We’ll see you at our next PLIC all-community meeting on Wednesday, March 16, 6:30 p.m. at The Grange. Many outstanding ideas and a strong show of solidarity on several issues came out of our last session. These meetings are open to everyone, regardless of membership or non-membership, and everyone’s input is welcomed and valued.

Onward and upward,
The PLIC Board of Directors
Stuart Rich, President
Mark Sexton, V-P
Fred Kinney, Treasurer
Rhayma Blake, Secretary
Mike McKenzie
Joan Moye
Dave Wing

Petition Volunteers Call to ActionPetition for CongressFerry Informational Flyer

4 thoughts on “PLIC: Action & Updates/Task Force News

  1. Hey PLIC Board — How about sharing your ferry timeline and everything else you’ve sent our reps and national media with the rest of us.

    The LN posted their timeline publicly. I’d like to see the PLIC Board’s version published just as openly.

    Surely all islanders, other county residents and county officials would benefit by seeing everything that the PLIC Board develops and sends to our federal representatives.

  2. I think the petition campaign is a great undertaking- thank you to those who have organized it.
    I would also recommend contacting your friends and business associates in Whatcom County directly (see “Letters to Federal Reps Made Easy”. I have given out over 80 packets with cover letter. PLIC info. sheet and Congress Reps form letters. The response has only been positive from everyone I’ve talked to. They sympathize with Lummi Islanders. and our plight of “being held hostage” by the Lummi Nation. Whatcom county residents are also concerned about their ability to use the ferry for business ans pleasure, as well as what the larger future implications are for Whatcom County, if the Lummi Nation continues to leverage Whatcom County in unrealistic ways.
    So, get the word our, and keep the pressure on our u.s. Congress Reps.
    Thanks – Steve Schneider

  3. Request for Information on Contingency Plans

    We are within 30 days of the proposed ferry shut down. Does anyone know if Whatcom County or PLIC is ready, willing and prepared to file a law suit, injunction, restraining order or early warning notices to the Tribe – prohiiting them from interfering, blocking or damaging the Ferry landing on or after April 11th, 2011 until this matter can be fully resolved thru the Courts.

    If the Islanders are collectively being represented thru PLIC, are we adequately funded to initiate legal action against Whatcom County and/or the Tribe as co-defendants . If not, what are the fund raising plans and timetables…?

    Do we have any security plans whereby the Ferry landiing will be secured and monitored shortly before and after the Tribes termination date. ?

  4. Thank you for posting the letter from Whatcom County and Dan Gibson today… which as interpreted – suggests that Whatcom County is putting BIA on notice of their intent on continuing to operating the Ferry beyond the 60 day termination notice..This leads me to further assume that Whatcom County is preparing for a legal challenge…No doubt PLIC will be updating us soon as to how they plan on assisting Whatcom County or other more direct strategies to pre-position this issue.

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