Ferry Fares, Ridership & History

Diane Harper, of the Whatcom County Ferry Task Force, forwarded these interesting and informative documents (click on links below):

From: Diane Harper <lizzieisland@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 4:57 PM
Subject: Presentations from 2/28/2011  (Task Force Meeting)

I’ve attached 3 files.

  • the fare comparison that Jim did (with corrected titles as requested during meeting);
  • Chandler’s powerpoint presentation on ridership history turned into a printable version and containing his edits (if you don’t have powerpoint, you can download for free a program that will read it by going to .
  • Most of you got the e-mail that Jim sent on ferry history, but in case you didn’t I’ve also enclosed the file he sent before the meeting.



One thought on “Ferry Fares, Ridership & History

  1. Last Monday’s meeting was extremely informative and provocative. Jim presentation offered insights — based on facts not rumors — into the ferry’s history (varied, never simple or ‘settled’) and into comparisons of the Whatcom County ferry’s fares (costs to users, revenues to accountants).

    I’m sorry for all those who missed Chandler’s very clear, very informative presentation about ridership. which explained why ridership is better measured by fares paid than trips counted (including limitations of each and discrepancies between them). Chandler also presented ridership trends (fares collected, by fare category) over the past few years. That elicited excellent discussion of possible reasons for drops in the total fares paid (revenue drop, to County), including major changes in economics, the collapse of the housing bubble and all the incredible uncertainties islanders, visitors, etc were assaulted with due to the Gooseberry Pt lease problems and unexpected maintenance problems.

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