More on Kremen at LICA meeting

Here’s a bit more on the last Wednesday’s LICA program with the Q&A session with Kremen and Gibson.

  • video of Kremen reading of his letter to Maria Cantwell, courtesy of  Lummi Islanders McKenzie, Steve Thomas, Rhayma Blake (all PLIC members) and maybe others.  Great job, islanders!  (click here to read the letter itself.) Kremen said he also sent this letter to Rick Larsen and Patty Murray, by email and through regular mail on 2/23 .

5 thoughts on “More on Kremen at LICA meeting

  1. Here is the text of a letter I just sent to Rick Larson.

    I am writing to you with regard to the situation of the Lummi Island ferry. As you are aware, the Lummi Indian Tribe has threatened, for the third time in 15 months, to blockade the ferry, this time on April 10.

    My husband and I are elderly retirees. The lack of a ferry would have a terrible impact on us. We both have frequent medical appointments on the mainland. My husband has a heart condition which necessitates his seeing a cardiologist on a regular basis. I am in the process of having extensive dental work done.

    Our home is here on Lummi Island. Our home, while still mortgaged, is our principal asset. If the ferry stops running we will be unable to sell our house and move because our property value will fall below the amount of our mortgage. We would essentially be marooned here on this island without access to the mainland.

    I am sure I do not need to point out to you how much unpleasant publicity will inevitably be generated if this is allowed to get to the point that people on Lummi Island are unable to get to the doctor or to their workplace – yes, we have quite a number of working people here.

    The Lummi Tribe’s lawyer has apparently stated that the tribe would permit school children, emergency vehicles and fuel supply trucks to use the ferry. That does not in any way solve the problems that my husband and I would have without a ferry.

    The time has come for you, our elected representative, to act to end this impasse. We, your constituents, depend on you.

    That is the end of my letter.

    I do not expect to have any meaningful reply to this. I think we have essentially been abandoned by our elected representatives, I suppose because of casino money which speaks more loudly than constituent needs. I believe the only recourse we now have is the courts. I would be glad to join with others who are interested pursuing this.

    • Anne,
      I too,. need to go to regular Dr. apts To maintain my health and Food ,bank, Training for work etc.
      I wonder if lummi Nation will allow WTA commuters to pass on 4/11? This could be quite the educational event for all concerned. Ive been taking the bus and not driving as much to save money for my ferry passes .I have bus buddies who Ive gotten to know over the years and its often nice like our dry dock boat. so far it hasnt hurt my skeletal problems. so far so good.

  2. Rhayma just told me that it was Mike McKenzie who managed the digital recording and posting to youtube. Thanks, Mike — especially since I know you didn’t know how to post to youtube even a couple of days ago. Good work.

  3. Anne-
    Thank you for your excellent letter.
    I have just mailed out 65 packets to my friends and business associates in Whatcom County.
    They include a cover letter. the information sheet provided by PLIC (yellow document), and three separate letters to our U.S. Congress members-
    ready to sign and send. These letters request immediate response from our elected representatives in solving the Whatcom County Lummi Island Ferry issues.
    Initial response to these packets has been positive. I recommend that as many people as possible send out similar packets or information.
    If we are going to really get our Congress members attention, I think they need to see lots of letters, from constituents all over Whatcom County. – Steve Schneider

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