Kremen/Gibson on Gooseberry Negotiations (2011-02-23)

Many people attended last night’s LICA meeting for Kremen and Gibson’s Q&A session and had questions or comments in response to Pete’s update on the lapsed negotiations with the Lummi Nation  (Barbara Brenner and Frank Abart also attended.)

Colleen and I lack the time to write a report on the meeting, but would welcome reports and/or commentary from those of you who were there (the more the merrier).

Unless someone else steps forward and submits a report, the Ferry Forum will have no islander-reported description of what Kremen, Gibson, Abart and Brenner said last night about the status of negotiations, nor on what islanders asked, said or the County officials’ responses.  That would be a shame, but Colleen and I can only do so much.  We, and all those who depend on the Ferry Forum for information, need help, and we need it now.

So please, if you are one of the  many people who attended last night (maybe 80? I’m no good at crowd counts), consider writing a report and sending it to the ferry forum. That will benefit everyone who couldn’t be there. Your report will maintain the Ferry Forum’s always-available continuous record of ferry-related information.

Submit your report (short or long – your choice; one or several authors) to

Providing it meets the simple Ferry Forum rules, your report will be published. Don’t worry if it’s not ‘perfect’ – nothing is. Just try to be as accurate, clear and objective as you possibly can. If you want to insert personal opinion, that’s ok — just keep it civil and clearly identified as being your opinion. That’s critical in helping readers distinguish between reported facts and your personal thoughts or feelings.

(An attempt was made to record the meeting, but whether that was successful or will  be posted online remains to be seen. Attempts to record previous meetings have been made; some were successful, some not. None have, to date, been put into digital form that the Ferry Forum can link to.)

UPDATE 2/25/2011:  See a video of part of the meeting and some observations about the meeting here.

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