HELP NEEDED: A/V recordings of meetings

Steve Thomas kindly videotaped last Monday (2011-02-21) night’s Ferry Task Force meeting where John Mulhern and Mark Richardson were guests. (Steve is now digitizing his recording and will give a disk to Dave Wing.)  The intent of A/V recording is to make Task Force meetings accessible to the public. Digitized, quality-checked and posted A/V recordings would allow all those islanders and others interested in the Task Force’s work who can’t attend to hear, for themselves, what happens. (Caveat:  This will only work when the recording quality, especially audio, is adequate.)


One or more  A/V skilled volunteer to record, quality review and distribute (including online) task force meetings, between now and August 2011, when the Task Force’s work is complete.


  1. Quality-check each recording to avoid potential problems (ambiguities, inadequate volume, clarity) in understanding what was said.
  2. Possibly segment each recording into smaller time or content chunks.
  3. Upload the recording or segments to youtube or other public video distribution sites, with a link sent to the Ferry Forum, PLIC, Brown Betty, etc.
  4. Distribute disk copies of each recording to the Task Force, Library etc.

For any recording of a meeting, this work probably should be completed within a week, as timeliness of information distribution is important.

To volunteer, for now please contact
Diane Hunter, Dave Wing, or Mike and Caroline Kmiecik

More volunteers besides Steve who could record meetings would be useful, too,
so that the burden doesn’t fall just on him.  Digital
recording equipment is highly preferable.

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