PLIC: Update & Call to Action

From the PLIC Board of Directors…

Greetings, Friends of Lummi Island —
First of all, thank you to the amazing response within the community by volunteers to hand out Call to Action flyers at the ferry and other key points of the island. The community has rallied to a cause — notifying Congressional delegates about once again having our health and welfare threatened by an impending shutdown of ferry operations at Gooseberry Point.

The importance and urgency of this matter is best demonstrated by volunteers showing up at the ferry lines as early as 5:40 a.m. to help keep islanders informed! All have braved the cold temps.

We need more volunteer help today and tomorrow (Tue, 2/22). If you can help, please call David Wing who is coordinating these efforts: 360.758.2077 (h) or 360.255.3233 (c), or email him at

* * *

Important comment to PLIC from County Executive Pete Kremen and Attorney Dan Gibson, who both will be speaking Wednesday night on the island (see details below): “We (Whatcom County) intend to continue operating the ferry to and from Gooseberry Point, and we have informed Lummi Nation of that intention….we will continue to attempt to have dialogue with them in order to reach a lease agreement….” He also said that any lease agreement will include all parking.

He emphasized that the negotiations have formally ended, that Lummi Nation returned the check for February payment, and all offers are off the table.

* * *
Several sources of information provide you with all the details of this, one of the most important weeks of community involvement in the island’s history. Paul Davis just sent out a comprehensive Brown Betty email blast. (If you haven’t paid $6 to LICA to receive the Brown Betty, we urge you to do so — it’s immediate, up to the minute email news about all that happens on Lummi Island.)

You can visit both our site,, and the amazing independent and interactive site,, for comprehensive news coverage, documents, and commentary on ferry issues.

The Peoples Task Force for the Lummi Island Ferry also has a Facebook presence:!/pages/Lummi-Island-Ferry-Task-Force/102631119811082?v=wall

* * *

Attached, you will find a letter representing consensus of the PLIC Board of Directors, that the PLIC community-wide neighborhood alliance is well-served at this moment by a massive mail initiative targeting Congressional representatives.

We urge those of you who live off-island, including you who reside in other states, to write to your representatives of those locations and states. We have been told by some Congressional delegates that mail and email are their preferred way of hearing from us all, because they can keep a more comprehensive public record. (They said that phone calls take more time, and have less collective information retained.)

Two common questions have cropped up in the personal contact while distributing about 500 flyers at the ferry and other locations:

1. The addresses of Washington delegates.

2. Bullet points for communication with them.

The letters (and we will have samples Tuesday night at the community-wide meeting, with addressed and stamped envelopes) should be simple and to the point: We need you (Congress) to govern. Our daily health and welfare is threatened, and we could be stranded and cut off from our daily living needs and requirements for medical care, goods and services, work and school. Please exercise your authorized position in this issue. Fix this. Now! Thank you.

Here are the Web sites and means for contact of Washington state Congressional officials:

Remember, important meetings where you can make a difference, all at the Grange the next three nights:

Tonight: 6 p.m., Task Force, with ferry crew as guests. (agenda attached)
Tuesday: PLIC all-community meeting to formulate strategies for moving forward.
Wednesday: LICA all-community meeting for pot-luck dinner, 6:30 p.m., and program at 7:15 p.m. with guests County Executive Pete Kremen and County Attorney Dan Gibson.

Thank you for your continued support and energy.

PLIC Board of Directors


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