Ferry Task Force: Contact info (phone, email)

How the new ferry task force will choose to organize itself and achieve its goals  is still unknown.  Hopefully they will hit the ground running — and keep the island and county communities informed, as the task force moves ahead.

Here’s the list (alphabetical order) along with their day phone numbers and email addresses on their applications.

  • Kathy Berg, Blaine:  360-371-0171;  kathyberg@comcast.net
  • Jim Dickinson, Lummi Island:  360-319-0284;
  • Patricia Dunn, Lummi Island:  360-758-2237; patricia.dunn@yahoo.com
  • Diane Harper, Lummi Island: 360-758-7333; lizzieisland@gmail.com
  • John Chandler Johnson, Lummi Island; 360-758-7290; chandler.johnson@stanford.edu
  • Barbara Ryan, Bellingham: 360-671-8376; barbararyan88@hotmail.com
  • Riley Starks, Lummi Island; 360-220-0013; innkeeper@willows-inn.com

We presume that all correspondence about ferry issues with Ferry Task Force members is subject to the Public Open Records Act.

One thought on “Ferry Task Force: Contact info (phone, email)

  1. I like the idea of working on “a business plan to make the ferry a success”. Thanks for sharing this. It is good to see how other ferries are operating.

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