Correction … groan …

Correction – Last night I posted the entire draft of the info I sent to County officials. Unfortunately, only page 1 was complete. The rest was just a draft, not yet ready for prime (maybe any) time. My apologies.

Click here to read the correct, just-1-page document.

For those of you who read past page 1, perhaps it gave you some idea of where I (may be) going with fleshing the ideas out.  It may help you to know that when I’m drafting stuff like this, I’m really just rolling around ideas – I’m not committed to much if anything during this draft thinking process. It’s just part of how I work through pros and cons of ideas. So please don’t take anything after page 1 too seriously.

Once I’m done, I’ll post the whole document. Even then I won’t be ‘glued’ to the ideas if they prove unworkable or  can be improved.


One thought on “Correction … groan …

  1. I only have one objection to what you suggest, Wynne. Up until now we have never been asked to pay an additional amount (above property taxes) for capital expenses. I think we should not agree easily (or at all) to a change in that policy.

    Thanks for all the efforts you are contributing to this discussion, both in your thoughts and in administering this forum.

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