Letter from New County Council Member

Note:  Tony Larson, our newly elected County Councilmember, sent us this introductory message:

From: Tony Larson <tlarson@co.whatcom.wa.us>
To: <wynnelee@earthlink.net>; <thetome@lummiislandcable.com>; <info@PLICferry.org>
Date: 11/6/2010 4:50:47 PM

Subject: New County Council Member 


My name is Tony Larson and I’ve recently been elected to the Whatcom County Council.  I’d like to thank those of you who supported me and assure those of you who did not that I intend to listen to the concerns of all Whatcom County residents.

A public hearing regarding the Lummi Island Ferry fare proposal will likely take place in the County Council Chambers on Tuesday, Nov. 23.  On that same day the election will be certified and because the Council Seat formally occupied by Bob Kelly and Ward Nelson was part of a special election, I will be sworn into office and will be sitting on the Council that evening.

Between now and then, I have scheduled meetings with the administration and others and will be looking at data and all the Ferry fare proposals and listening to comments from the community so I can fully understand the issues and likely consequences of any decision I may be asked to make.  I take my responsibility as a Council Member very seriously and look forward  to any feedback you may want to offer on this or any issue facing Whatcom County.

Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone you know who may be interested.  My email address is: tlarson@co.whatcom.wa.us
I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps meeting you sometime in the future.

Tony Larson

One thought on “Letter from New County Council Member

  1. Dear Mr. Larson,

    Congratulation on your election victory. Thank you for contacting the Lummi Island community and expressing you desire to work with us on this very important matter.

    I strongly oppose the PLIC recommendation for accepting option #1 for the proposed ferry rate increase. The $2 surcharge for all rider types is unfairly proportioned. The current $40 pedestrian 25 ride punch card would go to $90 – 225% where the vehicle/driver 25 ride punch card would be an 80% increase. It seems unfair that a regular walk-on passenger who, in my case, out of financial necessity not only has the continual inconvenience of parking in a often flooded parking lot, slog in rain and wind to the ferry and walk down wet slipper ferry docks has to also pay disproportionate amount of the proposed fare increase over users who have the comfort and convenience of driving on the ferry.

    I prefer that if rates need to be raised that there be a percentage increase across the board for all users that will satisfy the needed extra income. This will spread the financial pain evenly (rounding to whole dollar) for all types of riders. I also ask the council to reconsider removing ferry dock expenses (including aprons, spans, etc.) from the 55%-45% fare box formula and returning these costs to the general road fund where they have been for decades.

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