More ferry fare discussion by council tomorrow

PLIC sent out an email yesterday alerting its members that the County Council will continue its discussion of our new ferry fares tomorrow, Tuesday October 26, 9:30 AM. For more details, visit PLIC’s website and the County Council’s agenda for October 26, 2010.

If anyone attends and is willing to write up even a brief report, please send it to us, PLIC and Brown Betty as soon as possible.  Some PLIC members probably will attend, but I don’t know if they’ve plans to post notes publicly.

The Department of Public Work’s multiple fare proposals are posted on its website in 3 separate pdf files (Fare discussion and proposals 1-6, quite large) (proposals 7-10) (ferry administration allocations.)

Below, the key point in yesterday’s email to PLIC members is republished, with Mike McKenzie’s permission (Mike is on the PLIC Board of Directors).

Fred Kinney, and others familiar with Council proceedings, indicate that the meeting this Tuesday could put the rate increase issue in place for a public hearing and vote as quickly as the next County Council bi-weekly session, Nov. 9. Mr. Abart said in his correspondence to County Council that his department would need about 60 days to implement new fares.

This is my take on the likely time frame, too — it’s apt to happen quickly and before mediation with the Lummi Nation is finished.   So we need to understand the options and provide the Council, Mr. Abart and Pete Kremen with clear input as to our preferences.

Ah, wouldn’t it be nice if magically, Someone Else would take care of this — and do it as we’d like!   Unfortunately, if we don’t provide input we’ll get whatever we get.

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