Brenner answer to ‘mediation’ questions

Since it can sometimes be hard to find comments, Barbara asked me to post her answers to the 3 questions I posed a few days ago in my comment on the story about mediation maybe starting before the end of October. She wanted to make it clear that her answer was in response to my comments, not what Pete said.  (I previously posted her responses as a comment under the report of Kremen’s answers to my questions)

Barbara has ask everyone to use her address from now on when emailing her about County business, as all such correspondence is subject to public disclosure under the open records act.

Barbara’s email:


—– Original Message —–

Sent: 10/20/2010 12:55:29 PM
Subject: Re: 10.12 letter from Mr. Cagey

I cannot say what happened in executive session but I can give you my public answers.
1. I am copying Dan Gibson because this was completely done in executive session.
2. I have never heard any council members say or write anything in any way indicating they prefer litigation. It is and has been my understanding that the council prefers mediation. However I cannot and do not speak for any other council members. I think your question would be better asked of Chairman Cagey.
3. I cannot repeat what happened in executive session. However, I can tell you my public position remains the same as it has been. I have never believed we should pick a mediator until we have received information from the outside attorneys because I believe it is important we go into a  mediation with as much information as possible. To me that information would include the decision of who does the mediation. We have not yet received any information from any outside attorneys.
I also do not like being put in the position of not being able to answer all your questions. I was extremely surprised at what happened in executive session.
Barbara Brenner

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