One thought on “Ferry Service to Continue as Scheduled

  1. I take this as good news. I’d like to thank Ken Mann for following through on his promise, at the 9/21 PLIC meeting which he attended that he’d work on getting us some statement re: continued service while lease negotiations are on-going.

    I followed up with Ken via with an email later that week and Ken said responded promptly. I chose not to post our emails on the Ferry Forum at that time because I shared Ken’s view that discretion rather than publicity was apt to be more helpful.

    I am posting them now because I think that Ken, by coming to the island with his (8 wk?) son to the PLIC meeting showed how engaged he is with our concerns, and that he did, as promised, start working immediately to help out. It’s things like that which make me trust Ken and his view that the County IS working to resolve the ferry problems, even though it’s only one piece of their very heavy workload. I hope others thank Ken, too. It’s all too easy to only criticize those in government for not doing everything we want, when we want, and exactly how we want. Ken deserves credit for helping as he said he would.

    I presume, of course, that others in the County are continuing to work on keeping our transportation link to the mainland. No single person or group, in complex issues like this, are the sole or even necessarily the immediate ’cause’ of things that happen. Most of us know there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, quietly, by a lot of people, as well as more visible actions

    The emails:

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Ken Mann
    Sent: 9/24/2010 6:26:35 PM
    Subject: Re: follow-up to Tues Lummi meeting

    Wynne, I did follow up. I got encouraging and thoughtful responses and I was preparing the next step. Then PLIC published a letter in the Herald opinion page that addressed that topic but in a manner that I would not have adopted. I thought a private discussion with Lummi Nation would have been preferable. I want to show some respect for the Lummis and trust their good faith and judgement before hounding them on the topic.

    My original comments still hold.

    Feel free to relay this opinion.

    Sent from my phone. Sorry about the typos.

    (360) 483-6020

    On Sep 24, 2010, at 2:40 PM, “” wrote:

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks again for attending last Tuesday’s meeting out here. I usually don’t go, but my husband Bill, a PLIC member who usually does attend meetings, had hip replacement surgery the day before. I promised I’d go to learn what the PLIC Board has been doing.

    Have you had the chance to follow up with on the request (to Pete? Sam? Cagey?) whether the LIBC would please state publicly that until negotiations are completed (or while in progress) the LIBC / tribe won’t hinder regular ferry service? That sure would relieve a lot of anxieties out here. Or do you think that this request might better come from a group of islanders (PLIC, others, both)?

    I’m glad the PLIC Board got thoughtful pushback at the meeting re: their proposed petition to Pete, and that the majority present asked for a revision before taking it public. I’m equally glad the Board agreed to do so.


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