Need hi-res photo of ferry in sunny weather

FOIL, Friends of the Island Library, is working on a 2011 fund-raising calendar with the theme of “what living with the ferry is really like” – everything from the Chief stuck out in Hale’s passage during windstorms, to the crew directing traffic, to an old photo from the 60s with both the “new” dock and the old one being torn down after the fire and much more! (The calendar will be out in time for holiday shopping, for sure.)

We thought we had a great, classic photo of the Whatcom Chief crossing a calm Hale’s Passage in the sun, with Mt Baker behind, for June.  But we just realized that the photo lacks the resolution to blow up to a full 8.5 X 11″ page! Now we’re looking for another with high resolution.

So, if you have a good photo of the Chief like this (digital or print) that you’d let FOIL use for the calendar, please get it to Bobbie Hutchings or me as soon as possible. You’ll be credited, if you want, but there’s no payment (hey, it’s fund-raising for library building renovations!)

Perhaps we can also use the FOIL “Ferry Living” calendar to help tell the others about our essential transportation to the mainland. After all, the calendar will have a year’s worth of large photos and quite a few smaller ones:  say ~ 13+20 = 53 in all. If a picture is worth a thousand words, that’ll be 53,000 words!  Lots more than the 200 words allowed by the B’ham Herald Letter to the Editor, the 500-1000 of most essays and letters to elected officials and a lot more (and more permanent) than oral comments to our representatives.

Thanks, Wynne

PS:  We’d also love to find a really good picture of dry dock – the passenger ferry & docking arrangements, parking or passengers waiting at Gooseberry etc.

3 thoughts on “Need hi-res photo of ferry in sunny weather

  1. hey wynne! we have a great ferry pic that we’ve used as the front of calendars before– so we know it blows up really well– we are more than willing to donate it, just tell me the address to email it to!

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