Ferry Fares Compared

Carl Weimer just sent in a file with twelve ferry’s fares (including our ferry), in response to requests for such comparative information.

It would be great if some islander(s) were willing to take on adding to this list of ferry fares, perhaps adding data like miles/trip, # users annually, etc.  Without more detailed information, it’s quite possible that those who decide how much Whatcom County ferry users ‘ought’ to pay might choose a fare that isn’t really comparable to our situation (like the fare to Martha’s Vineyard!)

Please email us at lummiferry@gmail.com if you’d like to take this on and share your findings with others in the Ferry Forum community.

Each islander who takes on one small task related to the ferry situation and shares the result openly (as Betsy Schneider did recently, re: her ‘BIA can’t approve 35 year lease’ letter to the County and post on the Ferry Forum) can help us all become better informed and potentially more effective advocates for reasonable solutions to our ferry problems.

3 thoughts on “Ferry Fares Compared

  1. A couple additional notes re Martha’s Vineyard ferry costs: Its a 45 minute ride each way, so that figures strongly into cost, also there are no gov’t subsidies, only assured “no-competition” via a State issued “Authority.” A monthly passenger commuter book (46 rides) comes to $5.60 RT, and a book of 10 one-way tickets sells for $60.

    Vehicle excursion fares for islanders are $88 RT summer and $57 RT off season. $135 is the full fare paid by vacationers.

  2. What is missing here is the cost of passage per mile or per minute. If we take this into account, we already have one of the most expensive Ferry crossings. If we compare to the Keystone/Port Townsend $5.30 passenger RT fare, it comes to a bit less than $.08 per minute V/S our fare of $.29 (full rate), $.11.4 (multiride). Per mile K/PT is $.37, we are $2.22 (full rate), $.88 (multiride). We need a further breakdown to get a complete feel for the comparison.

  3. And your neighbors ferry ride?

    The Free Ride http://www.th.gov.bc.ca/marine/ferry_schedules.htm

    Or the Ketchikan Alaska version, to Gravina Island, using two vessels similar to the Whatcom Chief.

    Round-Trip Same Day (or One-Way)
    Adult (12 and Over) $5.00
    Child 6 – 11 $2.00
    Child (5 and Under) FREE
    Monthly Pass $36.00
    Monthly Passes for Tenants $30.00
    Pre-purchase of 10 passes $45.00
    VEHICLES (ONE-WAY) (exclusive of driver and passengers)
    Autos / Light Trucks $6.00
    Commercial Vehicles $10.00
    Commerical Passenger Vehicles $10.00
    Vehicles Over 35 Feet in Length or 8.5 Feet in Width $35.00
    Each 24 Hour Period over 2 Hours $3.00
    Monthly Passes (by 30-day increments, paid in advance) $65.00

    Or the Colville Tribes “Columbia Princess” where everyone rides for free!

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