2008 & 2009 Ferry Budget Data: smaller files

Here are the same 2008 and 2009 County (DPW) budget data for the ferry that were posted earlier today. They are broken into 2 much smaller files (than in the earlier post. Each is about a 10th the size of the combined document, with no loss of data.

It would be great if someone (other than Colleen or me) could print several copies of each of these recent financial and ferry usage reports and put them in the library, at the islander, TapRoot, the ferry and share them with islanders who don’t use a computer.

Whatcom County Ferry Budget 2008 -1 (pdf, ~1 Mb)

Whatcom County Ferry Budget 2009 (pdf, ~1 Mb)

Thanks to Nancy Ging for working her computer magic to make this electronic shrinkage possible. Now if we just had the magic to shrink the REAL budget . . .  😉

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