Update: Local News & Opinion

Local media have published several articles published about the ferry situation. Here’s where you can find ones we know about.

Bellingham Herald

Two local blogs, Latte Republic and NWCitizen also have posted several articles about the ferry situation over the past few months. Editorial Note: Please be advised these private blog articles, or related comments, do not always adhere to the Ferry Forum rules. Some take a quite sarcastic or belittling tone toward individuals, groups (including islanders) or organizations.  We Ferry Forum editors find that tone to be needlessly hurtful, provocative and not conducive to solving problems re: the ferry. However, some of the same articles include some information not posted elsewhere. Our compromise is to alert Ferry Forum readers to those sources.  We do not dispute anyone’s right to express their views however they wish in other places, but on the Ferry Forum we will continue to adhere to the Forum rules for all posts and comments.

2 thoughts on “Update: Local News & Opinion

  1. Does anyone have an e-mail address for Mr. Speaks, NW Regional Director of the BIA? Unfortunately, the link on the PLIC site only provides a snail mail address and I’ve been unable to find an e-mail address at all on the BIA site.


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