Letter to BIA from County Re: Negotiations

Thanks to County Council Member Barbara Brenner for supplying us with the attached letter from Pete Kremen to Stanley Speaks, Regional Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs, regarding the Ferry Dock negotiations.  Also attached are the related letters leading up to this, some of which you have seen before.

Click here for letter from Pete Kremen, Whatcom County Executive:  Letter to Stanley Speaks

Enclosures:  Lummi Business Council_Letter_7.30.10,    CountyLettertoNation.pdf.ics ,     memorandominterim

3 thoughts on “Letter to BIA from County Re: Negotiations

  1. Here’s a thank-you I emailed yesterday to the County negotiating team and council after reading Pete Kremen’s letter to Mr. Speaks. Like many other islanders, both individuals and groups, I had encouraged this step in conversations with both the Council and Executive.

    I think our collective encouragement has been useful, as can be simple thank-you calls and notes.

    —-my 8/18/2010 email to County Executive and Council —

    It’s very helpful to see that you all are actively pursuing mediation so quickly. Thanks very much.

    The County’s communications with Mr. Speaks is being shared with islanders and others concerned about the ferry situation through a variety of communication channels.

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