An Analysis of Ferries & Alternative Docking Sites

Editor’s Note:  There is a lot of talk about our need to know what the practical alternatives are to our present ferry situation (the Whatcom Chief docking at Gooseberry Pt.).  Jim Dickinson has provided us with the following detailed analysis, identifying alternative docking locations, appropriate ferry  types, amenities, costs, round trip times in good and bad weather, safety and capacity.  This is significant and pivotal information in the negotiations between the County and the Lummi Nation.  We need to get familiar with it.
Thank you, Jim……

Introductory notes from Jim Dickenson.

For a description of 5 possible ferry vessels:   Five Ferry Picture Descriptions
To see what they would look like:      five boats

For a detailed analysis of each possibility (3 pages):    WCF spreadsheet AWCF spreadsheet BWCF spreadsheet C

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