Important Call to Action, Neighbors!

Submitted by Mike McKenzie on May 24, 2010
Within the mission to strengthen the Lummi Island community voice during our concerns over the fate of the ferry run to Gooseberry Point, please join PLIC in attending the Whatcom County Council meeting Tuesday, May 25.

Plan to arrive and sit in a Lummi Island group at 6:45 p.m.

An island group will meet at the County Courthouse, 311 Grand Ave, in the Council Chambers on 1st Floor, to the left of the entryway rotunda. (link to map below)

With a show of unity to our elected officials, we present them with a strong community alliance. In working in concert with them, PLIC intends:

  • To create open dialogue with County Government, and solicit more feedback about negotiations.
  • To encourage County Government to continue negotiations with Lummi Nation for sufficient ferry service to Gooseberry Point at reasonable rates.

The main point of Tuesday night is to make it clear why Gooseberry is more practical and desirable for our mainland ferry dock than more distant options – e.g., Bellingham locations – mainly because of health services and safety issues.

In personal sessions with individual Council members, PLIC board members have been told that a community group leaves a positive impression on them when it attends their meetings. It shows you care. And that our community “voice” comes from across the island, not just from a few.

Mark Sexton, who oversees Government Relations on the PLIC Board of Directors, has heard from individuals who desire to speak at the meeting.

If you want to be recognized to speak, sign up, and that will happen within the first 20 minutes after the Council meeting starts. (Lummi Island ferry service is not on the agenda.)

The meeting is called to order promptly at 7 p.m.

If you want to talk to Mark about your topic, feel free to call him at 360.305.9390. If you need a ride from Lummi Island, let him know that, too.

Here is a link to a map of the County Courthouse:      Map

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