PLIC Meeting This Week: We Need You!

Submitted by Mike McKenzie for PLIC on May 18, 2010:

Would ferry service to anywhere but Gooseberry Point disrupt your life? What if it was passenger only, with limited runs for service vehicles? What if it cost a lot more? For most of us, the answer is a clear-cut and resounding, “Yes.”

As one of our neighbors put it, “It would rock my world apart.”

That is why we need you Wednesday evening, starting at 6:30, at The Grange.

At this community PLIC session, actions will be implemented to address the latest ferry developments. Our unified action as a neighborhood alliance is urgent and necessary. And the more who participate, the more strength we gather in helping determine our ferry fate.

What has occurred since our last PLIC gathering:

  • Whatcom County representatives have held two negotiating sessions with Lummi Nation.
  • After the second one last week, and after a briefing in executive session by those at the negotiating table, County Council voted to contact Bellingham Port Authority on costs of ferry services from Lummi Island to places other than Gooseberry Point.

As you know, PLIC stands behind three major objectives: continued sufficient service to Gooseberry Point, reasonable and affordable rates, and more open communication with County reps regarding the ongoing negotiations.

In meetings and talks with individual County officials, the PLIC Board has learned that more open lines of communication would be desirable, for both the Council and for Islanders. And, they have encouraged us to work together on this objective. Therefore, PLIC is committed to creating ways to exchange more ideas, possible solutions, and to find out more about how we can address concerns and needs in a positive, forward-moving way.

The continued closed-door, no-public information negotiations between Whatcom County and Lummi Nation, and the latest disclosure bring PLIC to an immediate call for action. It is twofold:

  1. Please place high priority on attending Wednesday’s general community meeting at The Grange, 6:30 p.m., to receive updated information, and to plug in some of your time and energy to raise the Island’s voice.
  2. And then, circle the date next Tuesday, May 25, and let’s join together in a show of support for PLIC objectives by attending the Whatcom County Council session. If our elected officials hear from us, see us in person, and clearly know our objectives – and objections – and that we will stand behind them, they will respond positively.

We’ve been told as much by individual Council representatives. They have invited us to become part of the solution, and PLIC encourages that from you. PLIC appreciates that the County Executive, Council members, and Public Works officials have responded favorably to our outreach, and the concerns they have expressed on our behalf.

Please join us Wednesday night, 6:30, at The Grange and lend yourself to the efforts toward continuing open dialogue with County government, and toward negotiations for continued sufficient and affordable ferry service to Gooseberry Point.

Thank you.

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