Council requests information about Port of B’ham options

News: See the 5/11/2010 County Council discussion referred to below on cable channel BTV10, tonight (Wednesday May 12, 2010) at 7 PM.  The part re: the ferry occurred within the first 10 minutes or so of the meeting.    Wynne

Summary. Carl Weimer, one of our 3rd District County Council members, called to say that yesterday, in executive session, the County Council was given its first update by the County Executive on negotiations with the Lummi Nation concerning the Gooseberry Point dock and other mainland docking alternatives.

The Council, during the  ‘announcements’ part of the open evening council meeting, briefly discussed and then approved  7-0 to request that the Administration work with the Port of Bellingham (POB) on alternative options (see #5,  Action Taken 5/11/2010).

Carl left me with the impression that this should not be interpreted as the County’s walking away from negotiations re: Gooseberry PT. Rather, solid financial information about alternative POB dock locations apparently has never been obtained or presented to the Council, and the Council wants to ensure that they do “due diligence” by requesting such information be obtained and presented to them by the Executive. (Remember, tThe Council is ‘the decider’ on approving any final contract, including costs, for ferry system capital and operating costs.)

If anyone can record this brief segment, transfer it to an online video and send it to  me, I’ll post it  providing I get permission from BTV10.

A report from someone who watches the segment tonight would be great, too, to share with everyone.

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